GoldPipes-PNGWelcome to Watson Pipe Organ.com. We are a Third Generation Pipe Organ Company. Founded by Russell L. Watson of Galesburg, IL in 1929. Russell Watson earned his degree in Theater Organ under the tutelage of Professor James Weddell at Knox College in 1927.  Russell played for several silent movies on the Grand Barton Theater Organ at the Orpheum Theater in Galesburg, IL.  With the advent of ‘talkies’ Russell decided to turn his love of the Pipe Organ into building, restoring, and caring for the instruments dear to his heart.

As we continue with the admiration and respect for “The King of Instruments” that was instilled in my father from my grandfather and passed on to me, we our blessed to carry on this heritage.  

Our Company has over 80 years of pipe organ installing, rebuilding, tuning, and maintenance experience. We service every make and model of pipe organ built – these include Trackers, Straight Pneumatic,Electro-pneumatic, Electro-mechanical, Straight primary, Direct Exhaust and Direct Pallet type actions.

If your pipe organ is ever in need of an estimate for repairs, re-building or regular tuning we offer free quotes and estimates. If you currently do not have a pipe organ or would like an estimate on installing a new or refurbished one we would be happy to discuss this with you. We are competitively priced for all types of repairs and maintenance and in many cases we are considerably less expensive than larger organ companies that have further to travel. If you have ever needed an emergency call right before an Easter service or wedding, to repair an air leak, stop a cipher, or fix a stop that was not working, you probably know how difficult it can be to get a repairman.

We believe consistency and quality are important to the proper maintenance of your pipe organ, this is why we have stayed a small, family owned company.